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Some Experiences of Sadhaks - I






Very often an idea haunted my mind that my life will be a waste if I am not able to receive the shelter of a Guru to realise the goal of my life and to achieve the inexplicable bliss which is achieved only by a few blessed persons.

After retirement from services, this inclination of mine increased all the more. I was in contact with competent Guru Dr. Shrimaliji for over a long period and when I requested him in this regard, he initiated me into a special Asana and process of Pranayama. I wanted to awaken the Kundalini in this very span of life. He assured me that my desire will be fulfilled if I continued to follow the instructions given by him.

Following the instructions, I continued my visits to Jodhpur with an interval of nearly two months, stayed there from eight to ten days, explained the latest developments and received guidelines for future.

One day, while I was seated in my drawing room, going through the morning newspaper I felt an irritating sensation in my backbone, something like an insect climbing upwards in the spinal-column. For me it was a strange experience, followed by a profuse perspiration , so much so that I felt as if I had taken a bath. I went inside and removed my upper garment (Kurta) but the perspiration continued. I went to bed and slept.

When I got up in the evening, I found that the perspiration was over but the sensation in the spinal-column persisted. I was feeling extremely hot within the body - as if a ball of fire had originated inside and the flames of fire were pushing hard to come out. My throat went dry in quick sequence and I had to take water with the same frequency.

I could not have a wink of sleep for the whole night. I was at a loss to understand as to what was happening within. The family doctor was consulted and he too could not diagnose the reason of my trouble.

Next day too, I felt vibrations of a current akin to electricity within my body. I was feeling restless and something was pushing hard to come out of the body. I narrated the situation to my wife and felt an urge to give knowledge to her or rather to flush out over her the entire bulk of knowledge I had within my mind.

I remained excited throughout the day and could not understand as to what was happening within me. The doctor prescribed sleeping tablets. I took them but sleep eluded me. I could not sleep.

In the evening, when I was seated in my lawn, my eyes closed all of a sudden and I went into Samadhi. In the state of Samadhi I felt as if I was flying in a strange region - the scenario of which is inexplicable and was unique in itself.

When I became normal, I found that the Samadhi had lasted for one hour. In the meantime my wife was perplexed and my son thought that I had become unconscious due to some ailment. He summoned the doctor, who after his usual check-up of pulse, heartbeat etc. declared that I was perfectly normal and there was no cause for anxiety.

The assurance given by the doctor worried my son all the more as I was really unconscious before him. It was a great relief to all when I opened my eyes and became normal after an hour. After Samadhi, I felt myself very light and my body delicate and fragrant like a flower. A sort of aroma started emitting from my body. The heat and excitement which had overtaken me earlier had disappeared, my mind became calm and a unique delight and light pervaded my whole body.

My wife and other persons familiar to us perceived that my face had become radiant, my eyes tender and my body had started emitting a sweet fragrance.

After a week of this happening, I went to see my Guru at Jodhpur who informed me that my Kundalini had awakened and the above incidents were consequences of the awakening of Kundalini.

P.K. Tare

(Retired Judge)

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The most auspicious day of my life was when my Kundalini was awakened. For the last many years, I was nourishing the hope that my desire in this direction will be fulfilled for certain.

The sole aim of my life was to attain perfection in Mantra and Tantra and I had devoted my life to attain it. I made many attempts for it but it was only the special favour of my Guru that he bestowed so much upon a spiritually poor man like me. I consider myself singularly fortunate in this regard.

After I progressed to a remarkable stage in the field of Tantra, I was directed by the Guru to take up Kundalini Sadhana. I started it under His guidance, with a regular practice for six hours a day.

Having practiced thus, for nearly forty days, one day while I was sitting in the lawn, attached to the residence of the Guru and reciting the Mantra given by Him, my eyes closed suddenly and Japa of Gayatri Mantra started spontaneously. I forgot the Mantra which I was reciting earlier and I do not know as to how the recital of Gayatri Mantra started from my mouth, while I was reciting another Mantra.

I do not recollect as to how long I continued the Gayatri Japa but I was conscious that I had become very light and at the same time I was afraid of Guru's anger. I was trying to memorise the Mantra which I was reciting for the last one week, but it was eluding my memory despite efforts to recollect it.

At five O' clock in the morning my eyes closed and I developed a state of Samadhi, a experience I never had earlier. During this Samadhi I felt myself visiting many places, hitherto unknown and unseen and inspite of effort I was not being able to open my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a hand over my hand, which was caressing my head gently. That caressing of the head opened my eyes though I had to make an effort for it. I saw that the Guru was standing before me and Sun had risen high in the sky which led me to conclude that I remained in Samadhi for more than three hours.

The first thing I felt after opening my eyes was that my whole body was trembling within as if my finger had touched a live electric wire. I bowed my head on the feet of Guru with an effort.

At the stage, I realised that my Kundalini Power had awakened and reached the point of Aagya Chakra. Thereafter I felt vibrations within my body for nearly a week and the state of Samadhi overtook me at any time all by itself, whereas prior to it I was not able to attain it even with the greatest effort. My body had become so light that I wondered if I had a body at all and I felt as if I was flying in open air.

Within a week, my face was blooming and I was feeling a strange radiance on it. I was also feeling the development of an aura around my head.

Later on, I succeeded in taking the Kundalini Power upto the Sahastrar Chakra and also thorough purification of the same, a stage which is very difficult, unique and marvellous by itself.

Everything which I call mine, every cell of my body is devoted in the feet of Guru, since all the attainments have been possible due to His favour. I do not feel anything to be mine, everything belongs to Guru and is the result of His blessings. I can summarise my devotion to Yogiraj Gurudev Shrimaliji in the following words :


"Twadeeyam Vastu Govindam

Tubhyamevam Samarpayet."

Arvind Kumar - Sadhak

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I had only one aspiration in life and that was to elevate the self to such a height so as to absorb the soul in the Brahma, which is pervading the whole universe. My conviction is that mere filling up of the belly and producing children is not at all important as these functions are done by animals also. The distinction is that man is capable of doing higher things in life.

Luckily, I got a very competent Guru in Dr. Shrimali at an early stage. My husband and myself received Diksha from him and soon after Guru Diksha he explained the process of awakening of Kundalini.

I am an advocate by profession and most of the time I have to remain in judicial courts. I felt that this profession is very tiresome and problematic. Whenever I felt exhausted from official and domestic work I got impatient to meet the Guru and then I used to take leave and go to take shelter under his protection.

One day when I was examining a case file in my study I felt a strange excitement and tingling vibration in my body as if my foot had touched a live electric wire.

I left the study and went to bed. My entire body was perspiring profusely and the heart was palpitating very fast; it appeared that it will spring out. I also experienced a severe stomach-ache. I was not able to get over the situation. I rang up my family doctor P.S. Vashist and in the meantime my son also rang up my husband in the college and he too rushed up to see me.

The doctor examined me thoroughly and checked my blood pressure but found no disorder. He was not able to understand the reason of my trouble. The pain in my stomach was increasing beyond my tolerance. It was almost like the pain which is felt at the time of delivering a child.

For some time I became senseless. My husband informed me later on, that hymns of Vedas and Shlokas of Gita were being uttered by me in the senseless stage.

This condition lasted for nearly four to five hours, after which the darkness before my eyes dispelled gradually and I was enveloped by a light. Inside the body too, something very luminous appeared to have originated and I began to see unprecedented visions.

By evening everything became normal. My heart was filled with a unique joy, cheerfulness and delight. I found it was easy to go into Samadhi. I felt more interested in my work and did it in a better way than earlier.

Really, I consider myself fortunate for having achieved the joy which is beyond description and since then I remain absorbed in that inexplicable delight throughout.

My husband often remarks, jokingly of course, that I have superceded him in the spiritual field. In fact, it is the kindness and blessing of Guruji that I have achieved something which an ordinary man cannot achieve in his life-time inspite of best efforts.

Priyamvada Maurya, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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I had a conviction that all the progress made in this life is a waste if the Kundalini of a man is not awakened. I wandered from pillar to post in search of a Guru, who would be competent, compassionate and really respected by his disciples. When I was thoroughly disappointed in my search, I approached respectable and highly elevated Gurudev Shrimaliji, as a last experiment.

My initial thinking was that Shrimaliji would readily accept me as his disciple and start training me into the process of Kundalini awakening as soon as I reach him. But my insolence did not permit me to regard him as a Guru for a month where he is like an overflowing ocean of knowledge and it was as simple to achieve oneness with him as to take a bath in the river Ganga.

Despite this, Guruji felt a softness for me and allowed me to stay at his residence. My aim was only to take Diksha and get the Kundalini awakened by Guruji, as with this very object in mind I had stayed in the Ashrams of many Sadhus and Sanyasis. Neither of them explained the process of awakening of Kundalini though assurance was given by each of them. Now I can say without hesitation that they were themselves incapable - either they did not know the method or they did not have the capacity of transferring divine power. It is a different matter that their own Kundalini might have been awakened.

When the Guru is sure that the disciple is not being able to awaken the Kundalini by his own efforts, then he steps in and does it by Shaktipaat, by transferring the strength of his own Sadhana and Tapasya to the disciple. But it can be possible only by a Guru who himself possesses a great reserve of spiritual power.

I stayed with Guruji for nearly four years. During the years I have seen him as strict as Durvasa and also as a very kind hearted man. He had explained the method and practice for the awakening of Kundalini to me.

Many disciples came after me. Their initial practice started before me till the final stages of Purna-abhishek and Rajya-abhishek were also performed in my presence, but I remained as ignorant as before. The Kundalini of many disciples was awakened before me but I was not being able to make progress. Long after my arrival at Guruji's place, Ramesh bhai stayed with Guruji as a disciple. After a few months his Kundalini was awakened and his Purna-abhishek was performed. That day, my eyes were filled with tears. The occasion was both pleasant and disgusting for me. I concluded that the doors of my misfortune are closed tight enough to defy the efforts of so competent a Guru, to open them. The same night I decided to commit suicide, with a desperate feeling that I had no right to live if I was not able to awaken the Kundalini in this life.

I was not aware that Guruji was monitoring my thoughts. After the Abhishek of Ramesh Bhai, Guruji called me to a separate room and warned me that suicide was a detestable sin and He was displeased to find me so coward and spineless as to think of suicide despite being His disciple. He also informed that He had desired to awaken my Kundalini the same day but now He would do it after I underwent a penance for a month by taking only one meal a day and observing complete silence for the last seven days. I made no arguments, obeyed the order and atoned exactly as directed.

One morning, all of a sudden, Guruji called me and asked me to sit before Him. I was frightened and thought that I was to be rebuked for some wrong done by me. He pulled me closer, removed the garment on my back and started rubbing His hand gently on my spinal-column.

Only after a few moments, I felt a tingling sensation in my spinal cord and a thrilling wave filled my body. I felt as if I was pushed in a cauldron full of burning oil. Soon, thereafter, I went into a trance, I don't know when, but when I opened my eyes it was seven p.m. meaning there by that I was in Samadhi for nearly nine hours.

Prior to it, I could not fix myself in Samadhi even with an effort. After this Samadhi I moved to my room. My body was burning like a hot plate, eyes were red like embers and the throat went dry with thirst. It was nearly midnight when I got relief. I saw that a luminuous drop was shining before my eyes which was changing its colour from blue to white. I started gazing intently upon it and continued till morning, without any conscious effort.

As a sequel to it, sleep became elusive to me. My body was full of unique joy and carelessness. The urge to take meals or water disappeared. Different sounds were emanating from my mouth and I was chanting Mantras which I had never known or heard of. I found rest while I lay in the lawn and desired not to be disturbed. At times, I found myself in Padmasana and Samadhi overtook me spontaneously.

This condition lasted for nearly a week. Guruji did not call for me, nor Mataji insisted on taking good during this period. After this week I became normal and well-balanced. If I saw anybody, his future appeared as a vision to me automatically. The heart was full of strange delight. A week later, I knew from Mataji that Guruji had awakened my Kundalini by Shaktipaat on that particular day when I was called for. Later on, I was blessed with Purna-abhisheka and Rajya-abhishek and for that I am inclined to the worship of Guruji's feet with total devotion. Though far from Guruji, I feel His presence throughout with me.

In fact, a human life is worth it, only when it attains the asset of an awakened Kundalini. It elevates a man to great heights and enables him to see the Brahma.

Swami Cheitanya, Delhi 

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