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Some Experiences of Sadhaks - X




After having Guru Diksha I have had great spiritual and material success. In the year 1999 I had accomplished the Trishakti Sadhana. I am a forest guard posted in the Harada forest of Madhya Pradesh. In the history of these forests, there have been several encounters with poachers and criminals in which four guards lost their lives. Many guards have escaped these attacks with injuries.

The murderer of one of the guards was absconding for the past thirteen years and the police had failed to nab him inspite of the best of their efforts.

Catching him had become a challenge for everyone. One day I prayed to Sadgurudev and took the pledge to catch him.

I asked for three days from my officers to complete this impossible mission. I was unlucky on the first two days and on the third day too success seemed just as elusive. I had given up hope and was resting in my home having had food when I started to chant the Guru Mantra. My eyes rested in the picture of Sadgurudev that was placed in my room. I prayed to Him to help me.

All of a sudden there was a throbbing in my naval region and I got up. It as three o' clock in the afternoon. As if under a spell I left my house in search of the culprit and within a few hours he was in my custody.

With Sadgurudev's grace I was able to nab a criminal who had continued to evade the police for so many years. Now all forest guards feel safe and after this there have been no illegal activities.

On the Republic Day on 26th of January, the Forest Officer awarded me a certificate for valour and the District Collector and the Police Chief also applauded my efforts. All this has been possible only through the grace of Sadgurudev.

-Jugal Kishore Andariya, Harada, Madhya Pradesh, India

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A year back I and my friend were riding back from some place on a scooter. We were in a hurry to get back home and hence I was driving very fast.

Suddenly a Hero Honda motorcycle emerged from a house on the roadside seated on which was a two year old kid along with the rider. Our scooter rammed into the back of the bike. At that very instant I cried out to Gurudev for help. I saw the girl being hurled about ten feet in the air. Our scooter too skidded and we fell down.

As I got to my feet I was surprised that I was not in the least hurt. My friend got some injuries in the back and he had to get treatment for two months. What was most surprising was that the little girl was not hurt at all.

It seemed as if someone had caught her in midair and gently placed her on the ground. I believe that it was due to the grace of Sadgurudev that neither I nor the girl was hurt.

We could both have been badly hurt but had a miraculous escape. Even the rider of the Hero Honda had to suffer for a week due to the injuries.

-Dr. Anil Sharma, Sultanabad, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India 

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